Notice: Raw olives are usually ready from the beginning of March. Please phone to confirm. Black Kalamata, Black Mission, Green Mission and then Green Manzanilla.


Product Volume   Price (Incl VAT) 
Mission plain olives 650 g R85.00
Mission garlic + herbs    650 g R85.00
Kalamata plain olives 650 g R95.00
Kalamata garlic + herbs     650 g R95.00
Mission plain olives 3 kg R220.00
Mission garlic + herbs 3 kg R220.00
Kalamata plain olives   3 kg R225.00
Kalamata garlic + herbs   3 kg R225.00
Mission pitted 3 kg R225.00
Kalamata pitted 3 kg R230.00
Olive Tapenade (plain / garlic + herbs)   1 kg R110.00


Product   Volume   Price (Incl VAT) 
Extra virgin olive oil   500 ml R73.00
Extra virgin olive oil   1 litre R110.00
Extra virgin olive oil   5 litre R465.00
Seeded blend oil   5 litre R260.00


Product   Volume   Price (Incl VAT) 
Raw Black / Green Manzanella   1 kg R60.00
Raw Black / Green Leccino   1 kg R60.00
Raw Black / Green Mission   1 kg R60.00
Raw Green Kalamata   1 kg R65.00
Raw Black Kalamata   1 kg R65.00

A Wholesale Pricelist is also available (for Traders / Caterers Only).

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